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Airport Terminal

The highly frequented access to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt’s international airport is to be spatially restructured with a focus on improving traffic flows. The concept of the competition entry involves redirecting traffic, a roof covering the access as a large-scale signet, as well as the expansion of the terminal via an “airport orangery”.

To untangle vehicular and pedestrian traffic and to increase operation safety, the access road is moved away from the terminal as a free-standing bridge design. Access to the terminal building is created via two bridge passageways. The access’ new roof turns the elongated space in front of the terminal into architecture that is to be experienced. Lighting for the extended design is produced through large ports that open in the centre segment. As a figure, the roof defines a large-scale signet for the terminal, visible to passengers checking in or taking off. The lower arrival level boasts a clearly broadened pedestrian segment due to the pushed-off access and can be lit with natural lighting. Freed from vehicular traffic, the front of the departure level will be converted in its entirety into an orangery. The vitrified space with its year-round green vegetation and diverse restaurant offer, provides for a high amenity value.

, Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel