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A380 Hangar

A new hanger is planned for the new Airbus 380 and other wide-body aircraft. The special supporting structure, which is reflected in the load-bearing arrangement of the overdrawn roof, gives rise to a new type of hall. The requirements as regards span width and possibilities of transferring load, especially of the free longitudinal side of the gate system, led to the development of a supporting frame in cooperation with the engineer Werner Sobek from Stuttgart, that precisely follows the longitudinal line: The spatial beam system is supported on three sides, which allows maximum filigree at the open end of the building despite its span width. Its facade thus has the effect of a finely framed shop window for airborne aircraft.

The supporting frame is spanned with a filigree skin made of aluminium panels, whose seam structure and openings reflect the supporting structure. The constructive logic thus divides the facade and is at the same time an element of the facade design. The facade covering is drawn as a humongous, smooth skin at the front end over the parapet: This gives rise to aerodynamic formed contours. The hall roof represents the 5th facade and carries the design concept forward to a birds-eye perspective. The longitudinal sides of the hanger are designed with full translucent surfaces and permit interior views from the runways as well as ideal use of daylight for the office areas.

50 000 m²