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New Laboratory Facility

The new research building is located in the Airport Business Park in the suburb of Porz in Cologne. The aim of the design is to create an efficient structure that promotes optimum communication between the various functional areas of the complex. Furthermore, the distinguished, sunlit architecture is intended to express the transparency and forward-thinking nature of the company.

The main functional areas - laboratories, offices, company catering and conference rooms - are each accommodated in separate building modules and combined into a clearly structured ensemble. These are arranged as flexible designated building units with an area up to 860 m² and freely divisible interiors. A central corridor links the areas together with combined functions as sharing facilities, which include tea kitchens, “meeting islands” and informal workplaces, acting as the central “market place" of the building. The surrounding architrave connects at the roof edges of each module forming a unifying border around the complex. Landscaped with climbing plants which entwine around the large-surface vertical framework, the architrave simultaneously defines garden and courtyard areas between the individual buildings, which serve as zones of retreat and divide up the entire ensemble.

bwp Burggraf + Reiminger Beratende Ingenieure, H + S Ingenieure, eretec, WES LandschaftsArchitektur

Köln, DE
20 590 m²
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