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Science and Workshop Building for Neutron Research

The research neutron source at the Research Reactor Munich II (FRM II) in Garching is used by the Technical University Munich (TUM) and the Jülich Research Institute (FZJ). Two four-storey buildings with a total floor area of 9,300 m² are planned to expand the working quarters for the reactor’s researchers. Both elongated buildings lie west of the shut-down research reactor (1957 – 2000). The axis running between them offers a view of the heritage-listed “Atom-Ei”.

Staggered projections and recesses in the cubature of the buildings establish a connection with their counterparts and create the impression of an integrated, interlocked single building. The building façades, consisting of fair-faced concrete panel curtain walls, set a contrapuntal tone to the shimmering metal shell of the “Atom-Ei”.

The TUM’s northern research building contains a large two-storey workshop on its ground and first floors, with the two upper storeys occupied by offices.

The Jülich Research Institute’s annex opposite will provide space for laboratories dedicated to various fields of research. The two upper floors of the building are used for offices.The technical centres are similarly integrated into the windowless upper storeys of the higher parts of the building. Stairways on the back of the building connect the internal spaces, supplemented by lifts in the darker central areas. The two new buildings will add enough space for further 270 workstations.

Garching, DE
Staatliches Bauamt Rosenheim
9 000 m²