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Taikang Life Research Centre

Centre on the outskirts: Taikang Life is one of the largest private sector insurance companies in China. Its new research and data centre is to be built in the north of Beijing and will be extended at a later stage of construction to include the corporate headquarters. The new complex will then complete the northern end of the Zhongguancun Research and Development Park.

The four-storey buildings are arranged in a line and together have a total of over 70,000 sqm of floor space. The linear arrangement provides the setting for a series of five courtyards in which Chinese gardens depict the company’s history and express its values. The courtyard at the centre is simultaneously the central entrance area. Situated on the northern outskirts of the capital, the provision of local shops, cafeteria and sports facilities plays a key role in its utilisation. The compact form of the complex allows for the creation of some spacious outdoor areas: the southern end of the headquarters will feature an expanse of parkland with an imposing driveway flanked by a corporate museum. Two free-standing, cube-shaped buildings for public use will form the western edge of the group.

China Academy of Building Research (CABR)
Beijing, CN
Taikang Life
200 400 m²
1st Prize