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International Finance Centre

Three buildings are to be built according to the masterplan in the new business quarter of Haikou, a city of a million people in southern China. The two 430 metre high towers in plot A in the centre of the area will have a significant effect on urban development and will become landmarks for the whole district. The first high-rise is already under construction, the second on the opposite side of the road will be similar in layout and external appearance. The twin towers are characterised by a highly performative intelligent building envelope which responds to the tropical climate on the island of Hainan.

The Haikou International Financial Centre plot B with a shopping arcade and two office towers, will take shape with up to 47-storeys. Because of its location, the building complex mediates between the city centre and the new business area. It conducts the eye from the rectangular existing buildings to the organic shape of the two high-rises and, through its 220 and 174 metre-high office buildings, creates a flowing transition. The two towers are connected by a free-form intermediate building with five storeys for shops and restaurants. The public passages in the building direct the pedestrians simultaneously towards the city centre and the two diagonally opposed office towers.

The outside of the intermediate building presents itself as a fragmented media-oriented façade. The two office high-rises on the other hand take up the vertical dynamic of the central landmark of the business district. Their external skins consist of solid and transparent façade elements depending on the direction and height. Their changing surface patterns create an impressive shimmer which characterizes the overall visual impression of the
International Financial Centre.

IPPR International Engineering Company Ltd, ARUP, Thornton Tomasetti, FRONT, KWP Konstruct West Partners

Haikou, CN
Hainan Airlines
288 000 m²