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Abu Dhabi

A high-rise for offices and exclusive apartments was built with the Office Tower in a prominent location on the Corniche in the centre of Abu Dhabi. The slender, 215 m high building is in line with the characteristic silhouette of the coastal road and its positioning and shape subtly respond to its environment. The slim tower recedes from the street and thus makes space for a terraced base structure. In that way, the sea view from the adjacent high-rise hotel is maintained. The tower itself is divided up in three segments. The bottom one constitutes a unit with the base structure and houses the lobby as well as conference and event rooms. On the floors in the middle, offices will be installed, and on the top floors, apartments. At the transitions, the building depth decreases, the facades are set back; this creates an ambitious gesture which is even more emphasised by the vertical load-carrying structure. Furthermore the transitions are particularly accented with a view to structure and design. They are considerably higher than the regular floors and so assume special functions, such as the 21st floor, which boasts a magnificent roof garden with an infinity pool. The horizontal lamellas with their varying widths seem to flow across the gradations of the façade like a cascade and so give the building an animate texture. The tower is built in a prominent location as far as urban construction is concerned. As the building line juts out to the sea here, the Office Tower will be visible from afar.

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Dhabi Holdings PJSC
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