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Swimming / Badminton Hall

The completion of the new swimming hall and the badminton hall marks the implementation of two further components of the masterplan for an extensive sports and leisure centre in the city of Nantong.
The whole site, covering an area of 10 hectare, also includes outdoor pitches for a variety of sports, a football arena and landscaped green space. Pedestrian walkways running diagonally across the road grid, link the sports facilities together and offer space for skating, strolling and spending leisure time. A café with terraces and a viewpoint integrates into this pathway system. The Urban Planning Museum terminates the site in the north. In the east, the two new buildings form a portal and signal the main entrance to the facility. The room arrangement accommodates badminton, basketball and table tennis fields as well as two swimming pools. It manifests itself externally through protrusions and recesses which articulate the structure and the spacious glass and aluminum façades. The façade recesses are taken up by loggias, offering the sports facility users outdoor areas shielded from public view. The main street is enlivened by retail and restaurant premises.

Tshinghua University Architecture Design Institute
Nantong, CN
City of Nantong
11 500 m²
1. Preis