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Sport Centre

The Sports Centre is located in the centre of Nantong, a major metropolis north of Shanghai. Within the immediate vicinity of the new Urban Planning Museum, that together, with the green belt along the river, describes the east-west axis of the city, the Sports Centre not only provides a diverse range of leisure facilities, but also a new public meeting place. The masterplan, consisting of landscaped grounds and various sports facilities, is based on a diagonally aligned reinterpretation of the urban area grid. This allows the complex to smoothly integrate into the existing urban fabric and a harmonious ensemble of buildings into the spacious landscape concept. Smaller, independent sports halls are arranged around the central stadium.

The basic modules for each building consists entirely of diamond-shaped cells which hold various functions and corresponding sizes: small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra large (XL). Starting from the central stadium cell, the cells are propagated outwardly. As the centre of the overall complex, the sports stadium occupies the XL format cell, equipped with a 400-metre running track and seating for 15,000 spectators. Its characteristic building structure is based on a ribbed supporting framework, covered by a translucent membrane. A dynamic lighting system illuminates the stadium roof at night in alternating colour combinations.

, Wabe-Plan

Tshinghua University Architecture Design Institute
Nantong, CN
Nantong City
97 550 m²
1st Prize