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Nestlé Coffee Factory

The new factory for the Nescafé coffee brand was built in the Schwerin industrial park with the goal of serving the growing European market. Production begins with the delivery of the green coffee beans from the Port of Hamburg. The beans are then washed, roasted and ground before being filled into capsules, packaged and readied for dispatch.

The building complex offers multiple floors to help implement a vertical flow concept where the path of production follows the forces of gravity. A central goal of the spatial arrangement is the optimal rapport between materials-based process flows and the distances and process steps of employees. The ensemble comprises a joint administration and production building which are connected to each other by a central street. This organisational axis provides access for employees and arranges the production lines.

The lobby stretches across two floors and interfaces with the administration, the workshop, the changing rooms, and the canteen, while defining the starting point for the central street and the intersection with production. The functional units of the administrative building inclusive of the canteen’s terrace level are framed to create an independent identity. Despite spatial incisions and a differentiated facade design, they form an equilibrium with the large production hall, turning the factory location into a foremost destination.

The floors dedicated to employees feature clear floor-to-ceiling glass windows, creating a visual rapport with the outside. The exterior walls of the production and technology segments are made of wooden materials which on the outside are panelled with frosted Profilit panes which lend a feeling of lightness to the large body. On a third level, all process technology structures are clad in a metallic cover.

Krebs + Kiefer, Fact, Stefanie Jühling, WPW GEO.Ingenieure

Schwerin, DE
Nestlé Gemini
54 000 m²