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Modernization BMW FIZ Entrance Building

The Research and Innovation Centre of the BMW Group was planned from 1983 onwards, and first buildings were occupied in 1986. The refurbishment of the entrance building will be the prelude to comprehensive modernisation measures carried out on all buildings step by step. In the process, the office landscape is adjusted to the present-day requirements, connecting pathways are optimised, the interplay of public and internal areas is redefined and the entire building is refurbished to make it energy-efficient.

In the entrance hall, the area that is accessible to the public is extended to the second floor, and for that purpose, an additional flight of stairs was uniformly modelled and sculpted together with the existing staircase and the parapets. Via this open, communicative situation, employees and visitors get to the extended conference centre on the first and second floors. The restyled bistro, which also grants access to the employee cafeteria, adjoins the entrance hall on the ground floor.

On the third floor, the pilot space “new working worlds” creates a differentiated office landscape where trend-setting concepts for the complete modernisation of the FIZ are implemented. The areas along the façade have been designed as a communication zone with meeting points. Here the white ribbon structure of the flights of stairs from the entrance hall is picked up again and folded into alternating standing and sitting accommodations. In the middle of the room, there are workplaces that can be booked as required. Furthermore conference rooms of different sizes are available.
The suspended ceiling is removed and the load-carrying structure is exposed. In the grid panels, a newly developed, high-performance ceiling module is installed, which takes over acoustic, air-conditioning and lighting functions. 

München, DE
BMW Group
19 500 m²