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Nanopolis Showroom

The Showroom for Nanotechnology is part of HENN's Nanopolis Masterplan in Suzhou. Visitors and employees to the Technology park can explore the different areas of application of nanotechnology over 1300 m² of exhibition space.

Standing on a central square and characterised by its dynamic shape, the pavilion creates an intentional contrast to the otherwise strongly right-angled articulation and design of the surrounding architecture.

The layout of the curved building follows the classical inner courtyard typology and its form makes reference to the interplay of three ellipses. The largest ellipse defines the external size of the building, the smallest, the inner courtyard and the middle, the roof edge. At the lowest point, the pronounced slope of the annular allows a second access across the inner courtyard and opens the building to the forecourt opposite and the city. At the same time, the building rises from this point and terminates in the glass facade, which extends over the full height of the building and faces toward the waterscape.

As well as an auditorium, the interior accommodates exhibition space on two-storeys, around which the visitor can take a circular tour on two stairways. The building's noticeably set back gallery along the western facade generates an impression of spaciousness in the main entrance area and offers an unobstructed view out to the adjoining park.

Suzhou, CN
Suzhou Istitute of Nano- Tech
1 300 m²